Thursday, December 3, 2009

schedule 101

Yeay tomorrow boyfriend nak balik dah.

Here's the schedule haha:

12pm - pick him up at the airport
- check him in to the hotel
3pm - singgah Sambal sambal
6pm - ciao to have dinner
10pm - balik rumah

10am - bangun
11am - siap go Razak's wedding at Shah Alam
2pm - go Rasta & Hartamas for the flea market with Hola Bola and le fiancee
(no plans in between)
8pm - dinner at HRC
11pm - lepak with le fiancee and friends

10am - bangun
12pm - go to another wedding at Tabung Haji KJ
2pm - hantar le fiancee to his family's house

ok dah set dah.
can't wait for tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

recaps 2009

Ok, I am just bored right now.
Only 30 days to a new year. Time just whiz by in a flash kan?
I want to write about what I did this year but there just so many, so I'll write it by segments ok.

1. Hong Kong - went to Hong Kong for the annual family getaway in January. I went there once with Sue and Zam and being my second time, I was appointed as the unofficial travel guide. The last time I went there, it was KL-Macau-Hong Kong-Macau-KL because we took Air Asia and at that time there were no direct flight from KL to HK. This year it was KL-HK-Shenzen-HK-KL. Although the 2nd time there, there's still so much to enjoy and explore and I had loads of fun!

2. Bandung - went to Bandung with Ma in February (I think!) as at first it was supposed to be Sue and I yearly's getaway but she had to go to UK and so I was left with no one. Luckily mom offered to replace her. She paid for her own tickets but because my ticket was an economy promo ticket, I had to purchase a new one.

In Bandung was when I told her about my engagement plan. She went crazy and bought tonnes of laces there. We went to the spa and spent a whole day there, went shopping, and there's this one time I really wanted to try the street food of Bandung and persuaded her to accompany me and it was so sweet of her to oblige! (she's a hygiene freak on food and would rather pee in her pants rather than pee in a dirty toilet! you get what I mean. haha) As I wanted to save cost (since she's not even paying for my hotel), we rode the angkutan to and fro the shopping and spa areas. Comel gila. Should have taken a picture of us! in one of those thing!

3. Singapore - Went to Singapore to meet the bf in January (I think!), since he was working there at that time. Spent a night there and that trip made me realize how far I would go for him and how much I love him.

4. Perhentian - Went there with le bf in June with J*ohn and M*el. It was super fun!

We actually canoed from an island to another island. I couldn't bear to be in the canoe any longer because I was tired and it was scorching hot I basically jumped out from the canoe from like 100 metres away from the shore! It was super tiring but it was the ultimate fun.

1. I am currently taking CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accounting) in a hope for a better future. Classes started on July and I went for most of them, although it was freaking far. Sat for the exams last 29th and hope that I could pass at least one of the papers. (CIMA Malaysia has only 23% passing rates!)

1. Bought a car. Regretted it, since dad has one extra car unused. But I am glad I have something to my name.

2. Bought a baby, with my best friend of 9 years. Emptied my savings. Its really like a baby, you know, the love hate relationship you would have with your own baby haaa like that lah! The business has been in the reds for the past 6 months but its getting a bit better nowadays. Luckily I have the bf for financial support and I owe him my life for all he did for me. Seriously. Without him, I don't know what would happen. I hope it would make some money and may it be successful.

1. I got engaged last August to someone awesome. After all the years of searching (well, not literally lah) I have finally found my soul mate. Someone that could accept me for the way I am. I love him to death.

2. Lost few friends (3 of them, actually!) because of some stupid stupid misunderstanding. Well, friends like that, they would just come and go. I need to bear in mind to be nicer to my existing friends.

I think that's just about what happened this year in my life. I will update if anything crosses my mind lagi.