Sunday, November 29, 2009

pure seduction!

Damn it.
I miss bau Pure Seduction VS and so I cari-cari la kat internet.
Found the official website and tengok pricing dia, its only $35 for 8 freaking bottles, compared to here, jual RM50 satu botol. Bodoh. $35 is like RM120 je kot, dapat 8 botol. bodoh bodoh. haha.
The shipping costs around $30. So if I beli, it'll cost around $75 = RM 240 for 8 bottles!


Dia ship to major international countries ie SINGAPORE, BUT NOT MALAYSIA!

Bodoh bodoh.

Geram Geram!

8.5 oz. #246-922 $9. Special 3/$24, 5/$30 or 8/$35.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



So Dear friends,
I really, really want to go here for my honeymoon.
It costs around RM5-6k per couple.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Exam dah habis and now I don't know what to do malam-malam. Boleh tak?
Bila nak dekat exam, tak habis-habis complain asyik kena belajar, pening lah, apa lah.
Now rasa tak kena pula tak pegang buku. Haha.

Now that the exam's over I want to enjoy books and music. And perhaps a movie.
There's this one book that just came out from my very very favourite author, Anchee Min. She writes awesome semi-fictional autobiography of Chinese Emperors, Chinese Concubines and I don't know what this new book is all about but I am sure its awesome.
My last Richard Branson's autobiography book went dusty because its not as colourful as Sassoon's and Anchee Min's writing.

I want to buy several CDs like Mika's new album, Boyz II men cover love songs (yes they basically cover all the very famous love song!), Michael Buble's. Tapi I am broke to the max. Wanted to ask my brothers to burn some CDs for me, but they were only home for 2 days and all the 3 laptops here takde Nero. Great kan?

I am seriously broke. The only luxury I could afford this month was a RM30 foot massage I had with Wanwan and Fuad and the dinner at Curve with the Diva. I could use some money for threading, some new shoes and a pair of jeans because fuck now that I am fat, I could only fit in 1 jeans.

I am sad I am broke. Serious. Please, anyone anonymous baik hati, please bank in duit sikit. Haha. Tough luck baby!

I am so going to find a job, the earliest on June and hire a manager to manage the restaurant. I want to save money, I want to buy things whenever I want without feeling guilty, using my OWN money. And so, lantaklah I am so going to find a proper job.

Where did all the money went eh? Hm. It went to the installment of my car, the fiancée's car (he banked it in to my account but I had to use it the other day and so I had to fork up balik to ganti.), my dentist appointments etc.

I am feeling so down nowadays. I feel like there's a huge storm coming up my way.
I don't know why I am feeling this way, but perhaps because everything did not turn up the way its supposed to be.

Well, at least my exams are over and HolaBola will be back this Saturday (with no money and that'll make us both broke!) haha.
And hopefully fiancée will be back as well, coz seriously I am pissed at how things turned but I love him and miss him very much nevertheless.

Any ideas on how to make money?

no stars.

Hi blogblog,

Oh my God I am so sleepy. I want to sleep but there's still so many things to study.
And oh, I am on the laptop because all the past years answers are in here and I need to take a 5 min break coz I am just too sleepy.

There's still variances, ratios, formulas, to learn and serap dalam otak. And I know, I know study last minute tak bagus, but this time around, I studied early like 1.5 months ago pun still tak ok lagi. Gosh.

Please please make it easy for tomorrow ok.

And hm, fiancee is still not home. And this time I am mad at him. Serious.
He better make it up good.

I think I wanna have a shower before I resume my studies.
Catcha later!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok ok I know I should study la blogblog tapi I have studied the whole night yesterday (12am to 5am) and wake up at 12pm, study again until 6pm. hah.
So I deserve a break.

I feel like checking my yahoo account, just saja-saja and I saw like there's several notification from xanga, my old diary.
I thought I have deleted the whole thing, but it's still there and suprisingly, there's still footprints on it! (note: footprints tu macam notification yang bagitahu someone still reads that crap)
I mean, not just 1 but 5 anonymous footprints! Spooky, siapa lah yang masih stalk saya.

Since I dah terbukak that old thingy, I read through it, and man how my life has changed.
I wrote mostly about my breakup with that fucking guy (banyak gila pulak tu! haha), studies and how I sucked at it, my relationship with friends etc. And suffice to say, I wrote it very nicely, unlike sekarang, main tuuuuulis je. haha.

I miss pouring my heart like that, by writing. :)

After reading all that, I am glad, really glad that I am so over the fucking guy, I am glad there are still friends from that era that still sticks with me through thick and thin, I am glad that I have grown wiser and mostly I am glad I have that bitter sweet kind of memories.

Wanted to write more, but nowadays words don't come easy.
I promise a very long long vain entry after exams ok.
And oh, wish me luck blogblog. I need to nail this!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

what the hoot

This is an emo post.

Fiancée is not back yet! And I am expecting him to call me today. And if he doesn't I am gonna be mad. (ceh cakap je sekarang, tapi nanti tak marah pun.) Yela, he is supposed to be back last week tapi tak balik balik lagi! Geram gila ok.
At least I know Hola balik 28th, ni with him, I macam tertanya-tanya when he'll be back.
Dahla exam Tuesday ni. I miss him.

Had dinner with the Diva yesterday. It was nice to catch up with her. We gelak banyak gila kot. So nanti bila Hola Bola balik, we plan a Kuala Selangor fireflies getaway, play Zorb and white water rafting! Yeay.

Dah lah, sekarang mood pissed off jadi taknak tulis lagi la ok.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

come fly me

Tunang saya tak balik lagi. Geram ok. Dahlah nak dekat exams.
Tapi tawakal je lah. Dah kerja dia macam tu.
I can't wait for him to be home.
Geram rasa nak picit hidung dia lama-lama!

Banyak benda nak buat ok. Geram gilaaaa!

Ok dah, nak belajar.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

love actually

Dear God,

For once I met a guy that could accept me as I am, good and bad, someone that did not even care about my past but instead couldn't stop looking forward to out future together. You give me someone that would be there for me at all times, let it be emotionally, physically or even financially. You give me a guy whom I can share everything with, my woes and happiness and someone that ALL my friends adore and respect. For once you give me a person that would love me no less than what he could give and someone that I KNOW would make it by all means to take care of me and protect me from everything.

For once you gave someone as perfect as him and someone I would love with all my hearts.

So please, do not take him away from me by any means. At least not until this soul has been taken away from its body.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

october rain

I had a good week. I mean not thhaaaaat good. But it wasn't nerve wrecking as usual.

Today, although I slept really late last night, I woke up reallly early for some grant-thingy and then I went to the dentist and waited for a good 2 hours before it was my turn to be called. Then went back home and slept the whole evening.
Woke up with a very hungry tummy and asked the boys to accompany me for dinner but only Kudim Kudamn was available and so he teman-ed me. Its good to have a heart to heart talk with your guy friend and make them open up to you things that they usually don't talk among themselves.

Fiancée has been away for a week and I got to talk to him yesterday only for him to leave today. Sedih. But the good news is, he's coming back next week! yeay. I can't wait! I miss him very much. And as the times goes, it made me realize even more that he is the perfect one for me. For one, never has a guy succeeded in making me so loyal and not wanting to know/get to know other guys. Get what I mean? And then, for once I could be frank to someone and be myself, but better. Haha. Faham? Whatever it is, I love him and I hope it would stay this way for a very long time.

On wedding thingy. Everybody wants to take part in my wedding. So I guess I am stuck with 2 bridesmaids and 3 maids of honor. It was so sweet of them to have offered themselves to help me. I may not be blessed with many many girlfriends (I think my guy friends outnumbered the girls) but I am blessed by really really special and great ones! So bridesmaids- Hola Bola & Ain, maid of honors - Hid, Nana, Zehan.

Ok lah, I need to go study as I have only 17 days left for my exams. Haiya!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

down in here

Sometimes I feel like there's just this huge knot in my gutt. Waiting to explode.
There's just so many things to do, yet so little time. And it does not help that I have this stupid stupid procrastinate attitude in me. I need to change. I just have to.

I feel so weak. This is not me. I bounce back everytime I am down but this time I feel like I just want to curl down there. I need to bounce back. Gah.

God, please give me the strength to survive each and every day here.