Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My one cat is missing. Dah 3 hari ok. I'm worried. Now my other cat semacam je. He's not as playful, taknak makan (kalau nak suruh makan kena teman ok!), macam moody je.
I am worried. My missing cat has been in the family for 8 years ok. She basically grew up with us. we nurtured her from the moment she was born.
Please pray for her safe return.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


oh saya dah tulis pasal wedding saya hari tu. gambar je belum ada lagi. :D
sabar ye blogblog. :)

Happy daddy's day!

Hey blog blog, I know its still a tad too early for father's day. Its 20th June btw but I suddenly got this urge to write about my dad.

Dad, I love you for holding my hands when I could barely walk.
I love you for giving us a roof, giving us food and supporting us endlessly when I know how hard it must be being a dad, looking out for so many people in the family,
I love you for covering me up from mama when I was in my rebellious years.
I love you for backing me up from mama when she lashes out at me for stupid reasons.
I love you for splurging money for us in so many ways.
I love you for paying for my studies even though I have disappointed you in many ways.
I love you looking so proud when I excelled in my studies.
I love you not giving me up on me when I failed my papers.
I love you when you stood by me when stupid boys hurt my heart.
I love you when you came back from work and hang out with us before calling it a day.
I love you when you try to come up with lame jokes to make us laugh.
I love you when you were the one to give me away during my wedding.
I love you when you still love me even though I failed you so many times.
I love you because you never bring up the topic of how I failed you miserably.
I love you when you call me princess.
I love you because I will be your only princess.
I love you because you are my father, the dearest, the wisest, the funniest, the most kind hearted person I have ever known.
And one day, I hope my husband could be the best father as you are.
I love you so much. Happy father’s day ayah.


Monday, June 14, 2010


When we are lost, we will come upon every chance of roads. We will discover, we will try to find ourselves and we will reconnect. Until we find the route again. Then we know we are free. Free of deciding.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I can't wait for february to come. I've bought tix for phuket for only RM104!
I can't wait for him to come back because I can't wait to travel with him. So many plans in my mind I want him back sooon!

Oh I got a job. The job I wanted. Alhamdulillah. Now, to figure out on how to be a daughter to 2 sets of parents, a wife, a student and an employee. Hmm. I'm no good at multi tasking but I hope I'll manage. :)

Oh I also need to lose weight. Been 5 months since I last went to the gym. That's RM550 to u! Haish. I can't exactly revoke the contract, might as well go and burn calories kan? Tapi, I will work with another fitness centre. I bet that can be a reason to revoke a contract kan? Hmm?

Ok. Random. Good night.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tsk tsk

My husband is a marine engineer.
My husband makes approx RM100k a year.
My husband bought his car using his own money. Heck I bought my car using my own money la wey.
My husband covers all his wedding expenses and even some of mine using his hard earned money. No one helped.
My husband never ever boast about anything to me. It took me a year to find out how much he makes.
My husband works for 3 months straight without seeing me and yet I did not publicise it as much as you did (3 weeks, what?).

ALL my previous ex are professionals. There's an auditor, pilot, licensed aircraft engineer and an electrical engineer. Did I rub it in your face? Whenever?

Ish. So stop fussing about your new boyfriend, your ex boyfriends. Its funny why he needs to tell you all that, and funnier when you feel the urge to tell me.
I mean I could understand if you want to tell me about your dates, your moments with him. I'd happily be happy for you. but oi! you're bragging lah!

Tsk tsk tsk.