Sunday, July 18, 2010

Work it.

Okay. Updates:

The new job is fun. As in I had fun learning new things and all. Things that I never knew I could understand. Such as, hyperion reporting, intercompany thingamajig etc. But I did. Shows I'm not that blergh.

But, the thing is, it is really hard. Not the I-am-stupid hard but there's-a-lot-of-work hard. The accountant just quit so I was there to assist the transition, but here I am taking over her task. She is an MIA accountant so basically she's qualified, trained and experienced whereas I'm just so new and inexperienced! So I really had to buck it up and learn really fast to take over her job.
She officially left yesterday so this coming monday I'm really screwed.

And the working hours are crazy! The earliest I left the office was at 630pm. The latest, 930pm! Also, the period cut off is on the 15th and so its really funny having to finish all the reports on the 15th and not 30th.

Haish. Its fun, but tiring, but fun. I know I'll gain a lot of experience and knowledge here and I bet I'd be really valuable after leaving the company. But for now, let's just hope I can bear everything and won't dissapear. Hehe.

Au revoir.

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Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey blog blog,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you for awhile. I've been really busy with friends, looking for job, interviews etc.

Anyway, I'm currently employed. Alhamdulillah. I am really grateful this time around because it is just what I need. Thank you to the people who has been praying for me, especially le hubs.
The job is hectic. There's so many things to learn and new things to adapt but insyaAllah, with a little humility, I will love it here.

And Marsha came. She texted me some time back saying she just broke off her engagement, quit her job and needs to start fresh. So I sorta invited her over to shah alam and introduced to one of le hubs bestfriend and they are now dating.
At first I was skeptical about her. I mean she had a long bumpy history and let's just say it was not a good one but once I opened my mind that people do change, they can change to be better,I relented and stop trying to catch a glimpse of who she's sms-ing, calling etc. Lol. I mean, not everyone is perfect. As long as we have the will to change, that is good enough.

And this time around, I am happy for them.

I miss le hubs, he's gonna be back next month. Yeay. And I love him more than ever.

Oh and Hola bola is back. There's just so many things we could do when she's around and we're gonna have loadsa fun!

I think everything is going well for me. (Except that arghhh, duit takde nak bayar car installment, insurance and cc haha) and I am grateful. Really.
God really work in mysterious way kan? He takes away something from me and gives me something better. :) just when I thought I was going to be left in the dumps (figuratively) He pulls me back and left me in a garden instead. Now its time for me to plant some trees.

Well, gotta get some sleep. Esok kerja. Boo. But its friday. So yeay!