Thursday, January 28, 2010

pre-wedding anxiety.

I am getting married in less than 2 months and although it may seem like a fairy tale ending for me, I am actually quite sad. Because I can't imagine the thoughts of having to leave my parents' house, for good.

Sometimes I cry in bed thinking how would my life be after this. No. Not that I am scared to face any hardships with him, not that I am ungrateful for the blessings He gave me, the wonderful person He brought in my life, the friends He gave me to brighten up my days. But I just don't know how to explain what I am feeling in words.

When I was 18, I can't wait to get out from the house because well, who doesn't. But now, only few days left, I can't wait to actually be home early and spend more time with them.

Sick. I know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am broke but I am cannot admit it to anyone. I have that much pride in me. And I don't want to burden anyone.
I have not paid my car and maybe within 18 days, kena tarik. Heh.

I am currently looking at jobstreet to find a job. A real job.
I need it real soon.

I have so much headache in me. I don't know which one I should prioritize first with so many things going on. The kedai, whether to continue cima this semester or not, the wedding preparations, the loans, debts. Argh.

If only I have the nerve to ask from my parents. If only lah kan.

Will need to minta Hola duit tomorrow to pay the car.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

resolutions 2010

Its the 2nd day of 2010. How time flies kan?
Celebrated it with a simple dinner organized by Hola at Havana, Changkat. Amazingly, there were no traffic jams and going there was a breeze.
Close friends were there and that was all I needed.

This year, my resolutions are simple.

To spend more time with le familia, friends and fiancee. To be a better servant to the Him. To make more money. To travel more. To be fitter and exercise more. And lastly, to be a good wife.

InsyaAllah, at 25, I am much more matured and will try to be a better person as a whole.
Pray for me ok.