Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work, husband, ramadhan. In that sequence.

Hi blog blog,

Work has been hectic. Really hectic, especially during the month end and early of the month. So far, the latest I got back from work is 1am. The others in my team had to stay till 3am that day. And all this while I thought doing something that had nothing to do with audit was okay. Silaap besar ah!
BUT honestly I love the challenge so far. Yup yup amazed kan?

Hubster is backkkkkk! Yeay. Best gila! The last 3 months felt a lot more longer than it used too. But he's back and that's all that matters now.
We plan to go somewhere after the raya. Yeay. Don't wanna jinx it. :)

I miss my room in shah alam. Not that I don't like living in our own house but I miss seeing my dad in front of the tv after coming back from work. I miss my mom's constant nagging. I miss seeing my brothers in front of the tv when I wake up. I miss having to do laundry and helping mom in the kitchen. Its not wrong right? I mean, I grew up with those routines for 24 years, its a bit hard to rub it off but it doesn't mean that I'm not trying to adapt to this new life.

Good night blogblog.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I don't want it anymore.

I wanted to climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to be on top.
I wanted to be able to own my sets of minions.
I wanted my parents to be able to be proud of me.
I wanted my friends to envy the job I have.

Now, taknak dah!
If by wanting that means I have to be working till 11pm a whole week.
If by wanting that I have to sacrifice my sleep, spending time with loved ones and my health, then I don't want it anymore.

Its hard. Really hard.

P/s: ni emo talk je. Nanti ok lah. Heh.

I miss u hubster. Eh random. Hehe.
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