Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fw: Hello 2011 Goodbye 2010

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I know its a bit late but wth,
Here goes, in 2010 I:

1) Got married with the most awesome guy. I thank God for giving me someone that I could rely on, someone that could protect me, someone that loves me without border and for who I really am, someone that I call a friend, a husband. Here's to the 50 beautiful years we'll have together, sayang.

2) Closed/sold sambalsambal to a fucking liar and got cheated. Huge amount of money gone there. Well, I would say that's life teaching me not to trust a person and be more careful in the future. I'm glad my best friend was more than understanding and it made us closer. Made me realized that we've been through every single mishaps in life and we got through.

3) The one and only person that tolerates me for a good solid 10 years is back for good. I now have a new profound appreciation for her, always being there for me, no matter where and what. I'm glad her phase in Adelaide is over. Here's to a new phase in life BolaBola.

4) Changed 2 jobs within a 6 months span. Sungguh menyesal. I am so indecisive I need to learn to control whatever indecisiveness in my head. Here's to being more matured in coming years.

5) Stopped the manipulating, tipu tipu parents ways. I, farhanah dengan beraninya admit defeat dan dengan beraninya mengaku yg honesty is always the best policy. I love them to death and would never hurt them again.

6) Travelled to Bali and Singapore. Sahaja. Need to travel more.

2011, I vow to:

1) Stick to one job. So I could make more money.

2) Save more money. Yes. It goes down becauseeee; I want to

3) Travel more. There's Phuket on Feb. Koh Lipe, hopefully on May. And US hopefully on Sept/Oct.

4) Scuba diving license. I've been wanting to do it since like forever. If I managed to keep this job, then boleh buat! Yeay!

5) To take the B full license. Its a license to ride a 500cc bike. And yes, buy a bike! Mm well, maybe that's for 2012.

6) Finally, to start a family. InsyaAllah.
Ok. Done. Bye 2010, hello 2011. Bring it on!

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