Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pls come home.

My cat may be lost or dead and for a week I've been keeping my hopes high because my other cat found her way back home after a week missing.
Now it has been almost 2 weeks and Jack is still not home yet.

It hasn't sunk in to me that he may be dead because I know he's a naughty cat, probably wandering around looking for a new mate but a part of me kind of knew he wouldn't be coming home.

He was a birthday gift from dad on my 18th. A gift, adding joy to our family, amusing us with his antiques, making us mad with his place marking - he peed everywhere!, bringing smiles to us everyday. He was such a gentleman, saying hi to every new faces he met. Constantly seeking for attention, wanting to be stroked and pet. Such an intuitive boy, fell down twice and broke 2 of his legs and oh boy, how we had to nurse him back to health.

I'm worried he's not eating well because of all the 7 years, he has never been away from home this long and he doesn't know how to eat food other than his. He doesn't like rain and he's scared of thunder.

I miss his wet nose, his constant seeking for attention, the scratching he does whenever we close our bedroom door, looking at him lying on his back, teasing him with ropes, scaring him with the vacuum cleaner, feeding him and yeah even cleaning his poop.
I miss him so much.

He is much a part of the family than anyone would ever be.

So pls God, I don't ask much from you, just pls, if he's dead, I hope you let him die in dignity. If he's lost, pls lead him back home safely.

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